Nations Village of WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES 2018, Pyeongchang – South Korea

– visual solutions

The visual solutions are very important parts of the Olympic Games. We made the visual identity of the Nations Village of  WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES 2018, Pyeongchang – South Korea.
The visuals had to fit the decisive line represented by the customer. Our key words were: sustainability, flexibility, reusabilty and modularity.
Objective 1 > The Nations` Village outdoor is communication for orientation and general look & feel elements, representing the clients and carrying the winter Olympic mood.
Objective 2 > with all steps and creation we must think about the brand: Hochsitz and use all option to refer to the general image of Hochsitz: high-end, top quality and modern – as well as sustainable solutions.


Identity – Inspiration

 ‘Hochsitz style’ – The Hochsitz buildings are minimal, modern and elegant. The structure is clear and they used the natural sustainable materials. Thanks to a considered combination of sustainable building materials, cross-laminated timber (CLT) boards (80%), steel columns (5%) and insulated glass (15%), their houses have a minimal impact on the environment. We wanted to use vibrant color – combinations which is impressive on the natural surface. We were inspired by the Hochsitz buildings which has a significant linear apperance.

Version I.

Main graphical idea and layout: 
1. Searching for the ideal perspective silhouettes, main character lines the houses and the environment.
2. After the first step we find the ideal lines. We integrated two line types / house and mountains/. 
3. Final and connected layout. The colors from the Olympic Logo.
We designed different card holder.
accreditation card for Hochsitz CREW
simple and functional – with ribbon and card together –  
card layout shall be further detailed with full info of accesses.

Venue Decorations

Create a general overview SITE Map of the Nations` Village location.
Bring ideas for Outdoor Structures that support orientation onsite –
that can hold the SITE map in a very functional and representative way.

Version II.

 Entrance idea 
The entrace is the most important part of the Nations Village, because this is the first and last impression clients will have, an image and impression they are taking home with them – when they leave the village / area. It shall carry the message of the winter Olympics, shall carry the design and look feel of Hochsitz Brand image and can integrate any local message that is obvious for tourists.

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