The memory medal was designed for the 2017 Fina World Championship. One of the most important features of the game. In which design the presented unique form solutions are reflecting on the site competition. The train driver fits the image element of the whole race. The 2D image elements have been adapted to 3D rendering.


The Medal of FINA Competition was inspired by water flow, waviness and freshness. We used different simpler forms solutions for design. We wanted to create a medal which is different from large number of wellknown samples.
FINA Medal’s designs are inspire by nature. There are 2 designs: one represents the Europe’s second-longest river, Danube in Hungary, and the other design represents the Balaton lake where the open water races took  place.


Project started in March 2017 in Budapest and finished in June.


The research typically the occasion of the upper-class people’s behavior and characteristics studied. During the research we interviewed athletescthe ambassadors of FINA what they think of the unusual formal solutions. The target group prefers the classical form language, but they do not mind spatial solutions. We found that the bond formation is an essential aspect of such objects connection. The medal of two elements leaving the plane corresponds to the expectations of the segment’s representatives


FINA World Championships

FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) organises World Championships as of 1973. At the first edition 4 disciplines – swimming, synchronised swimming, diving and men’s water polo – formed part of the competition.
The below table lists key data on the previous FINA World Championships. It gives evidence of the fact what a great sport event it has become in the past years generating undoubted global popularity.